Projects that lower emissions and Capture Carbon

Quality Assured

Projects must be legitimate and fully certified to world standards


Information on the project and its people is made available and constantly updated


Support projects that offer innovative and efficient ways reduce carbon.


Projects must be able to deliver real results that are recorded and that you can readily see

Cost Effective

There are projects that involve measurable ways to capture carbon, such as planting trees. The efficiency of a project can be compared to the industry standard to determine the real worth.

Tree & Vegetation Planting

Extracting carbon that is already in the atmosphere.

1 Metric Tonne Certificate

Carbon offsets generated by vegetation planting these projects represent an actual emission reduction as opposed to removing an emission already in the atmosphere. 

There are two basic types of schemes. The re-establishment of vegetation across a landscape previously cleared or the avoidance of the loss of biomass from a landscape. To be accredited, projects are typically required to remove carbon from the atmosphere for periods of 70 to 100 years.

Onshore Wind Turbines Project

Renewable Energy Carbon Offset Credit

The Onshore Wind Turbines Project Power Plant has 15 installed wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 31.5MW. The project has displaced fossil-fuel generated energy in a rural region and created jobs during the construction phase and ongoing maintenance.

Onshore wind turbines generate electricity at a utility scale, comparable to power plants. They replace fossil fuels with emissions-free electricity.

An increase in onshore wind from 3 to 4 percent of world electricity use to 21.6 percent by 2050 could reduce emissions by 84.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide.

At a cost of $1.23 trillion, wind turbines can deliver net savings of $7.4 trillion over three decades of operation. These are conservative estimates, however.

Costs are falling annually and new technological improvements are already being installed, increasing capacity to generate more electricity at the same or lower cost.

Certificates are certified – Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard

Each offset unit is retired on an internal registry, guaranteeing that each credit cannot be resold.

Restoring degraded forests

Carbon Offset Certificate 10 Tonnes

Rewilding the Appalachians, USA

Appalachia is one of America’s most beautiful and iconic regions. Stretching from the state of New York, all the way down to Alabama and Georgia, Appalachia is not only home to its namesake Appalachian Trail, but also the Ozarks and Blue Ridge Mountains. More than 150 tree species can be found in the region, making it one of the most diverse ecological regions in North America. Unfortunately, the resource wealth of the region also means much of the forest has been degraded by unsustainable mining and timber operations. Over the years, an estimated 83% of natural habitat has been lost.


This project is a five year, multi-state effort. Supporting this project will return formerly unproductive mining, logging, and agricultural land to balance. Planting trees here will also benefit nearby communities as hydrological function will be improved, providing them with better quality water. This project also creates meaningful jobs in communities suffering high rates of poverty and unemployment.  Conservation practices will also be put into action to ensure the forests are maintained sustainably for many years to come.

Restoring degraded forests

Planting native tree species is critically important after deforestation, helping the entire ecosystem recover with both native flora and fauna. Without specialist tree planting, these areas become overrun with non-native invasive species.

Improve economic outcomes

Communities in Appalachia were hit particularly hard during the economic downturn of the last decade. This project provides jobs for skilled and unskilled workers, equipment operators, nursery operators, as well as the local tourism industry!

Protect wildlife habitat

As one of the most biologically diverse regions of North America, planting trees will help preserve the unique biodiversity of Appalachia. Salamanders, songbirds, and copperhead snakes are just a few of animals you will help.

Tree Planting Carbon Offset Certificate

Tree Planting Carbon Offset Certificate 10 tonnes

Offset your carbon emissions with trees

Each Tree Planting Carbon Offset Certificate represents one tone of carbon which is sequested through biodiverse native tree plantings.

These certificates represent independently verified  tree planting projects. They follow standards set out by either Gold Standard or the Australian Emission Reduction Fund. Best practices are used to manage the project and measure the carbon stored.

Each offset unit is retired on an internal registry, guaranteeing that each credit cannot be resold.

Our projects carbon through bio-diverse tree plantings converting your carbon emissions into trees.

What are Carbon Credit Certificates?

carbon credit offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

For example, an individual might purchase carbon offsets to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions caused by personal air travel.

Purchasing Carbon Credit Offset Certificates allows individuals and companies to invest in projects that remove carbon in order to balance out their own carbon footprints.

Projects should be legitimate and offer the buyer good value for money. There are projects which have been authenticated by third-party certification programs, such as Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard, and the Green-e Climate Standard. They support a range of carbon reducing projects.

When you can’t reduce your own carbon emissions to zero  you can instead fund projects elsewhere in the world. This means that you are reducing your impact on the environment.

When you buy Carbon Offsets you are investing in carbon mitigating projects such as planting trees.

Companies and individuals still need to be working on reducing their carbon footprint. However there is a point that they reach when it is almost impossible or very expensive to reduce their carbon emissions to zero.

It is a much better use of the money to invest in carbon abatement projects.

 Even if a project actually exists, offsets have the potential to go wrong in other ways. Say you’re promised that your purchase will help pay for a new wind farm, but then you learn that the wind farm was going to be built even without the help of offsets. You’d feel cheated, and rightly so. To truly compensate for your pollution, any offset project must be in addition to the normal course of business.

There are projects of less quality in terms of transparency. For example providing funding for schemes in developing counties where corruption is rife. And some carbon-offset projects are scams. In one notorious case, a Hungarian company, KlimaFa, produced offset certificates for millions of trees that were never planted.

A quality carbon abatement scheme should be transparent and real.  There are quality projects such as tree planting where the results are real and measurable. These are the types of projects which are supported by the Climate Change Institute.

Carbon Credit Auction Platform

ccBay – the Climate Change Institute’s Online Carbon Credit Auction Platform

Where you can from a variety of certified sellers.

This is an eBay-style auction site which allows buyers to purchase Carbon Offset Certificates. It is popular because it allows them to choose from a wide range of projects and verified sellers.

Certificate sellers can invite bids at auction. They can set a reserve. They can offer ‘buy it now’ and sell immediately. There are featured listings and a gallery.

When a seller lists their products with us we will broadcast information on their brand and organization. This is through our website and social media network of over 500,000 followers. They gain valuable exposure for their carbon reduction projects. It increases their web traffic and gives them more credibility and visibility in social media. 

With a high level of Paypal security and a money back guarantee, it is safe to use.

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