Carbon Credit Auction Platform

ccBay – the Climate Change Institute’s Online Carbon Credit Auction Platform

Where you can from a variety of certified sellers.

´╗┐This is an eBay-style auction site which allows buyers to purchase Carbon Offset Certificates. It is popular because it allows them to choose from a wide range of projects and verified sellers.

Certificate sellers can invite bids at auction. They can set a reserve. They can offer ‘buy it now’ and sell immediately. There are featured listings and a gallery.

When a seller lists their products with us we will broadcast information on their brand and organization. This is through our website and social media network of over 500,000 followers. They gain valuable exposure for their carbon reduction projects. It increases their web traffic and gives them more credibility and visibility in social media. 

With a high level of Paypal security and a money back guarantee, it is safe to use.

With over half a million followers the Climate Change Institute a respected environmental organization.  

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