Onshore Wind Turbines Project

Renewable Energy Carbon Offset Credit

The Onshore Wind Turbines Project Power Plant has 15 installed wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 31.5MW. The project has displaced fossil-fuel generated energy in a rural region and created jobs during the construction phase and ongoing maintenance.

Onshore wind turbines generate electricity at a utility scale, comparable to power plants. They replace fossil fuels with emissions-free electricity.

An increase in onshore wind from 3 to 4 percent of world electricity use to 21.6 percent by 2050 could reduce emissions by 84.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide.

At a cost of $1.23 trillion, wind turbines can deliver net savings of $7.4 trillion over three decades of operation. These are conservative estimates, however.

Costs are falling annually and new technological improvements are already being installed, increasing capacity to generate more electricity at the same or lower cost.

Certificates are certified – Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard

Each offset unit is retired on an internal registry, guaranteeing that each credit cannot be resold.

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